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THE HIDDEN LIE: Set in a crumbling Elizabethan manor in Surrey, England, it is a treasure hunt through a reportedly haunted house, in the company of a seemingly mismatched team of history detectives: Bob Hastings is a working class, autodidactic Shakespearean scholar from the North of England; Lady Verily Battle is a noted historian, author and champion of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as the real William Shakespeare. Also caught up in the adventure is Alison King, and American best-selling author and fugitive from the rat-race of Hollywood. Together, the three intrepid detectives follow the clues that may lead to a hidden copy of Hamlet written in the Bard's own hand. THE HIDDEN LIE is a witty, exciting adventure, with a dash of romance and quite a few cold chills.

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JOANNA'S DAY: When Joanna Murray's parents split up, her English mother takes her back home to England, where she is placed in St. Agatha's Academy, a private school where only "the best children go." But Joanna is in no mood to try and get along with her schoolmates, especially a group of giggling girls and their leader, Dennis "Dimwit" Dinwiddy. It is when Joanna is auditioning for the school play -- a musical version of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court -- that Dennis gets his revenge by dropping Joanna through a trapdoor and she finds herself in the 6th century, during the time of Camelot and King Arthur. Will History be rewritten? And if so, how will it affect the future?

Hidden Lie

Joanna's Day

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