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HANDS DOWN PRODUCTIONS was formed in 1990 by Stephen Downs and Toni Handcock Downs and is active in both the Literary & Theatrical fields, bringing original works, including Musicals and Plays and Books to the public at large.

WORKSHOPS & PRIVATE CLASSES are also an integral part of HANDS DOWN's overall commitment to investing in the future of the Arts by passing on our knowledge and experience to the next generations of Singers, Actors, Writers and Composers.

New Broadway Team

Toni & Stephen Downs

We have added a new page for our latest musical, WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Be sure to click on it in the menu bar and treat yourself to the talents of 2 extraordinary young actresses who we were fortunate enough to work with in bringing our music and words to life.


And if you  are an Alice in Wonderland fan,  be sure to click on THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON tab in the menu bar. It is about the real Alice and Lewis Carroll's muse and we are in talks to have it produced in England next year. Listening to the tracks you can enjoy the talents of PEGGY CHIN and her daughter AMANDA; also, the always wonderful CANDY BENGE.


Be sure to visit up and coming producer, and our associate, Evan Bernardin at his web page by clicking on the link


Run your mouse over the HOME tab above to read and newspaper article on Stephen & Toni.

We invite you to visit the Ghosts of the Titanic by clicking on the link below.

Click on the image above of Toni & Zeus to go to Toni's personal page.

Click on the PDF button to read a sample chapter from ZEUS- The Dog Who Talked & Saved a Life.

The Musical that will Haunt You

COMING SOON: Toni Handcock Downs' touching autobiography of her journey with a remarkable dog who changed her life. Look for it this Summer, ZEUS - The Dog Who Talked and Saved a Life.

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